Screenium Screamium

I downloaded an application today that is supposed to enable me to make a screencast, you know? A little video of myself navigating my computer screen.  This seems super useful for lots of reasons, but right now I’m trying to make a video for Back-to-School Night because I’m going to be out of town.  I want to show your parents how to navigate this website while I’m talking about class requirements, and down in the corner, there’s supposed to be a little inset of me, you know?  Webcam style.

I cannot get it to work, and it’s making me so mad.  I’m not helpless when it comes to technology, you know.  Check out this website, for example.  I am willing to sit and work things out.  It doesn’t help that all the tutorials on YouTube are LITTLE BOYS explaining in their goofy young kid way, with loud and stupid music leading to the content.

If you have experience with Screenium, let me know.  I am frustrated.

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