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Really, there are few pleasures in this life that are as satisfying as a really great book.   Tell me what you’ve read lately in the Comments section.

October 9, 2014:  I just finished The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt, and I loved it.  Here is Stephen King’s review.

Great recommendations from National Reading Group Month.

Read like David Bowie!  Here’s a list of his top 100 — I found this at the very bottom of a link shared with me on Facebook called “Cultural Icons’ Favorite Books.”

I haven’t really investigated this site carefully, but it looks interesting:  Read It Forward

I belong to two book clubs.  Reading with friends is wonderful!   The 2nd Thursday Book Club has been reading together since 2001.  We’re a pretty stable book club, and these women are a vital part of my life.

And I read with my colleagues at Mayfair.  We have a book club that has been reading together since 2004 or something like that.  I need to get a history going because the memory is slipping away.

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