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Everybody needs help with grammar, MLA formatting, and usage.  Thanks to the wonder of technology, all of this information is easy to find.

  1. Step One:  Why not subscribe to Grammar Girl’s podcast?  Her theme song may be weird, but her content is great.
  2. Purdue’s Online Writing Lab is INDISPENSABLE.  You must know about this site, thank the stars that it exists, and explore it thoroughly.
  3. If you could just focus on eradicating these 20 errors from your writing, all of your English teachers will think you’re a genius.

How about some college and career help?

The CSU Application ♥ The UC Application ♥ The Common Application ♥ Community College Information ♥ In Like Me ♥ The University of Chicago Writing Prompts ♥ Stanford asks a few extra questions

You’ll learn so much from reading the MIT Admissions Blogs.  The best colleges are looking for something authentic from you, a real passion — not just an applicant with fat test scores.



MORE TO COME.  I’m just working on this page a little bit at a time.

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