These are paragraphs and links that appeared on the homepage in November of 2013. 

Life is a balancing act that I have not yet mastered, although I continue to try — in this TEDTalk, modern day philosopher Alain de Botton suggests that this balance is not just elusive — it’s not even possible.  We beat ourselves up for not achieving something that cannot be done.

It is college application season: personal statements, letters of recommendation, and the air thick with free floating anxiety.  Here’s a website that Erich Phinizy bumped into, and I got so excited that I purchased the eBooks offered on the site.  If this is your season in Essay Hell, maybe you can find more help here:



Be sure to check out the link in the Love Closet on the benefits of an extra hour’s sleep.  (But why not go to bed now? Come back to check for new content tomorrow.  Don’t worry.  The Internet will still be here.)

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