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mykidsTHIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, and I don’t have everyone up yet.  And this certainly is not all notable Mayfair Alumni; these were kids in Room 508.

And of course, this page does not mention any of my current Mayfair students, or those still working on their degrees — undergraduate and graduate — and all of the good people, good parents, and hard workers who have passed through my classroom.  They are legion.  I guess that I am teaching my 2550th student this year.  Lots of teachers have me beat, to be sure, but this number boggles my mind.

The Teacher Parade:  I get to work beside Katie Colln (06) — a fabulous English teacher in our department, and one of our softball coaches.  Chris Higgins (05) is our basketball coach.  Kailey VanderBaan teaches Special Education on our campus.  Dwight Tablason, Mayfair art teacher extraordinare, was in my classroom as a student in 2001-02.  Lots more are working as teachers on other campuses.

Maria Alejandri (06) works at Cal State Fullerton as a recruiter for Teach for America.

One of my favorite people on the entire planet shows up in this video at 1:45.  This makes me wish that I could write code, but you know…it’s just not going to happen.  I admire these kids so much.

Brian McFadden is an online health coach.  He is more than this.  Need more info.

Pat Dean (The Media Dean) just earned his MBA from Pepperdine University, and is a sports marketing guru specializing in social media.

Alterraun Verner plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, by way of the Tennessee Titans, and UCLA.  He’s become such a sweet man.

Justin Turner is a Los Angeles Dodger, and is having a terrific year, and is getting some buzz for MVP.

Amanda Werner (07) landed right where she belongs — after finishing up at UCLA Law, she’s gone to work in Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s office in Washington DC.  Amanda was always an activist, and has already done some big things as an intern with Greenlining, and some work with prison reform that I need to gather more information on.

Marque Richardson is starring in the movie “Dear White People.”  Yes, I can see why he is characterized as “eye-candy” but he was also an AP student, attended USC and played in the Trojan marching band

Andrew Perkins is a dentist, starting his practice in Stockton, California.

Daniel Wintz is working on a PhD in Applied Physics at Harvard University.

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